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Interview with Alex Conci

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As part of a new series, we're interviewing local craftspeople, sharing their stories and quality products with our client base. We hope that many of our designers will seek unique and quality South Australian designers when making selections. We encourage all to explore these works of art and consider them in their interior or exterior settings. 

This week, we got in touch with Alex Conci, an incredible artist who creates impeccable pieces for the modern, contemporary home. Using quality products, Alex's unique skillset means you're guaranteed a one-of-a-kind piece. Learn more about Alex and his company Lupo Furniture below...

How long have you been in the industry?

I have been running my current business for just over five years now, but have been working in the industry for seven. Growing up as a child, I was constantly surrounded by furniture and exposed to the manufacturing process, which aided in my experience with making all kinds of things.

What inspires you in your creation process?

Usually the material at hand inspires me the most. I find getting to work with a vast variety of materials really opens your eyes to what can be created and how to push the design limits. Most materials speak for themselves, on how they can be applied. But I find if you can figure out how to bend the rules with the use of them, you're always going to create something unique.

What part of the process excites you the most?

When a client 100% trusts me with a design and concept that is totally foreign for me. My work is mainly based around custom pieces and whilst it's very interesting, you don't always get to create exactly what you invision. When I do find the clients that are investing in my ideas it's always super exciting to deliver the item to them and see their faces. 

What makes you different/unique from other furniture makers?

I think all furniture makers/designers are unique and different; the essence of creativity is that we all have our own flare. For me though, I am very fortunate to have grown up around an existing furniture retail and manufacturing business, Conci Furniture. I have two generations with a wealth of knowledge behind me, having given me great insight on how the industry works. 

Can you describe your style or influence?

I don't really have a particular style, contemporary furniture with alternate materials is always great fun to play with, but I'm a massive fan of Western and Asian antiques. I find the perfect balance in a modern design piece with traditional aspects tends to lend itself to a unique piece of furniture. A piece that speaks for itself and will never go out of fashion.

For more information on Alex Conci's creations or to get in touch with him, visit his Instagram page. 

Alex Conci

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Friday, 13 December 2019